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Does Essilor Stellest lens slow Myopia Progression?

Essilor® Stellest™ lens is one of the newest generation of myopia controlling spectacle lenses, appearing to have efficacy to slow myopia progression in children at least as good as the current 'best' interventions of orthokeratology, dual-focus soft contact lenses and 0.05% atropine.1

How well does Essilor Stellest lens slow myopia progression?

The two-year clinical study data was published in March 2022. In the study, Chinese children aged 8-13 years with myopia of -0.75D to -4.75D,  astigmatism of no more than 1.50DC and anisometropia of no more than 1.00D were randomized into either single vision (SV), highly aspherical lenslet (HAL) or slightly aspherical lenslet (SAL) spectacle lenses. After two years, 157 children completed the study. Myopia progressed -0.66D/0.34mm in the HAL group, -1.04D/0.51mm in the SAL group and -1.46D/0.69mm in the SV group. This represented around a 50% (0.34mm) axial and 55% (0.80D) refractive efficacy for HAL, and a 26% (0.18mm) axial and 29% (0.41D) refractive efficacy for SAL.3

Daily wearing time was self-reported, with a mean of around 13.5 hours per day, similar across the groups. Compliance improved from 61% wearing their spectacles full-time (at least 12 hours per day, every day) in the first year to 89% in the second year. Full-time wearers showed 0.99D less final myopia and only 0.28mm of total axial growth over two years. This gave a 67% refractive ad 60% axial length control effect compared to single vision lenses.3

The Essilor Stellest lens slowed eye growth to only 0.28mm over two years in children who wore them full-time. Final myopia was reduced by almost 1.00D compared to children wearing single vision.

Recall that 1 diopter less myopia means 40% less potential lifelong risk of myopic maculopathy for a person with myopia.11 This was the mean achievement over only two years of full-time wear!


The bottom line: wearing time matters

Let me say it again: full-time wear is of utmost importance if we are going to maximize treatment outcomes with the Essilor Stellest lens. This is also true of other myopia control treatments.

If we want to achieve the strongest myopia control results for our patients, we need to encourage and reinforce the importance of full-time wear: at least 12 hours per day, every day.




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