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Pediatric Vision

The Eye Shoppe carry Frames and Lenses for Pediatric clients ages 6 months and up.


Nano unbreakable Frames for Pediatric clients.

We carry a complete line of children’s frames and with a three-year warranty.

Essilor® Stellest™ lens

(for Myopic Pediatric clients)

Essilor® Stellest™ lens is one of the newest Myopia controlling lens. Though clinical trials Essilor® Stellest™ lens have shown to have esulted in a reduction in axial length growth rate. Axial length is the distance between the front of the eye and the back of the eye. This means that wearing a Essilor® Stellest™ lens as prescribed may slow down the progression of Myopia thereby putting the best odds in ones favor over a lifetime.

Essilor® Stellest™ lens Explainer Video:


The Eye Shoppe Frames Gallery:

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