A high-tech machine that takes eye measurements

Traditionally, eye care professionals would take two or three measurements to fit you for your glasses. This is an archaic way of fitting the patient for lenses. At the Eye Shoppe our highest priority is to offer you the latest and most advanced technology in lenses. The VISIOFFICE 2 can take over a dozen different measurements with no two people ever having the same outcome. That’s what makes this machine so unique. The best part is it is FREE OF CHARGE! Everyone who comes to see us at the Eye Shoppe will benefit from the advanced technology of the Visioffice Have you ever been frustrated because you can’t see what you look like when shopping for new frames? The Visioffice 2 has a high-resolution camera that will display a multitude of photos of you wearing your new frames! There’s no more guessing what you look like while browsing for glasses alone.
When a patient receives lenses measured by the Visioffice 2, it is instant satisfaction. There is very rarely any adjustment time to get used to the new prescription. This is because of the Visioffice 2’s exhaustive measuring system. Your eyes will see perfectly--the first time.